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Hughesnet Comments

Skyblue77 says: (3 years ago)
Hughesnet said free installation. Because of the promotion in your area your bill will only be $50/monthly. You will be able to surf the net & play games, just won't be able to play Xbox or PlayStation online. All lies except the online gaming.

Never received credit for installation fee I had to pay upfront for. Charged me $75/monthly not the $50. Could only use internet between the hours of 2am & 8am, had to get up early or stay up late just to be able to use the serivce. My account is now cancelled, waiting for the box to arrive & they are still charging me for the very slow & horrible service that I cancelled. I live in a remote area & was told they were the only internet provider. Well they're not, take your time & find someone else. DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY ANY OF YOUR MONEY. Once you sign your life over to them its hard to greet it back. I would've rather made a deal with the devil. And they are still taking money out of my account even after we cancelled.

pam90 says: (4 years ago)
Hughes net has been the worst service I could have ever encountered. Hughest wouldnt pick there product up,after a week because it didnt work. Then they took the money from my account. Get this they have owed me $215.90 for ninety days now. I believe that they are taking peoples money for start up money to keep their company afloat. I had it with them. I am turning my matter over to the better business bureau. Also, I am turning it over to 12on your side. 90 days to get my money back. That is a little much just to get my money back.

briandel456 says: (4 years ago)
I go the service to stop being ripped off by the cable company. Talk about a hard lesson to learn! Hughes is the biggest rip off known to mankind. I was even told that I could play my PS3 with their service. LIE! I cannot even watch on demand with my television service provider because my download speed is .03 mbps. I only was able to access the internet after 9pm CST. The best time was 3am and had NO SIGNAL from 6am to 2pm every single day. They also have the nerve to charge $54 per month so that I can watch the router do nothing. No service and not able to use the internet. What a joke! Sad thing is that the joke is on me because the service is TERRIBLE (and that is being way to polite).

KingdomHearts says: (5 years ago)
ok I asked if I could play xbox live,and they said it has 1 sec delay which wasn't in the plan but they said icpuldplay pc games and when I went to play a game MY PING WAS 1000 and my internet runs out in like 4 days just from being on google and Skype. I DONT CARE IF IM ONLY 13 BUT HUGHES NET IS FUCKING BULLSHIT AND ITS NOT EVEN HIGH SPEED ITS DAIL UP SPEED AFTER ABOUT 2 HOURS.Please if anything I would say use iinet because it gives 100 or 200 GB a month plus you can play xbox live,facebook games (not Farmville or none of that. the good ones) and youtube on the FREEZONE the freezone lets you do all of that without yousing your monthly data!if you cant get iinet try sky or something

ctman111 says: (5 years ago)
go for century link is all I can say I hate hughenet its crap they lie to you and charge you double to triple what everyone else charges for dial up basically when it works whoo great its good except ping but it doesn't work half the time or more mine has been down for 2 weeks saying I went over the fap policy it says don't use net itll be back in 24 to 48 hrs I didn't use mine for a freaking week and guess what no change didn't fix itself til the beginning of the month hughesnet you are scum liers and dirtbags one day someone with enough money wil sue you and youll get what you deserve to be put out of business

lionelsalinas says: (5 years ago)
DO NOT GET THIS INTERNET!!!! IF YOU ARE SMART YOU WILL LISTEN TO ME AND NOT GET IT!!! I pay about $85 a month and only have limited access to my internet. I've already gone through my limit and all I've done is use it for my phone and watched 2 movies on netflix. I tried making an account online to look at my bill and limits but I cannot due to not having enough data to get on the internet to do so. This is by far the worst internet service ever. Also, I cannot cancel it until my 2 years is up or I have to pay a $400 fee! That's effing ridiculous! You can bet THE DAY my 2 years is up I will happily cancel this service. It's a scam and that is why you have to sign for 2 years because they know their service sucks. I hate Hughesnet. I repeat, DO NOT GET THIS SERVICE! IT SUCKS!!!!

exice says: (5 years ago)
I operate several websites from my home computer. I have been a HughesNet customer for about 5 years. In very rural Missouri, it is Hughes or dial-up or Exceed which was Sky Blue or something like that. The only problem with dial-up was speed and despite what some here say, hughes is faster than dial-up. My issues with them are these:

1) Hughes email regularly stops working for hours at a time.
2) Speeds that you start with are acceptable but gradually slow until you are paying $70
for dial up speeds or close to it.
3) Customer service is always overseas but the degree of fluency in English varies so
much that often you really can't understand what they are saying.
4) Ever wonder why so many hughes complaints center around or mention the poor
English speaking service reps? It is because you need service regularly for one reason
or another. It is not a smooth running ship.
5) After five years, I am going back to dial up. Why? My contract expires in 5 weeks, so I
have a window to quit them without paying them some exhorbonent penalty. If you
have never been a hughesnet customer you will find this odd given the painfully slow
dial up speeds. Believe me when I tell you there are other things that are worse. For
instance paying $70 for them constantly telling me that I am using up all my
daily allowance, shutting me down as a penalty for 24 hours. Reps always lying to me.
6) Anything that ever goes wrong is you or your computer and if you use a MAC like me,
first they take your money and get you into a contract, then every time there is an
issue, they blame Apple.
7) Recently they have some new glitch that claims I use up 250mb every hour or two. I
have only used basic computing and download nothing. I am afraid to download even
my computer updates because it gives them something to claim caused the "you have
exceeded your daily bandwidth allowance" message.
8) After 5 years, I know that 20 to 40 min of video will use up the daily allowance of
250mb. I watch no video and do no downloading now. No updates, nothing and still
within 1 to 4 hours of my computer being on, they claim "allowance exceeded". You
can't argue with them because you are talking to people who are trained in what to say
not how to solve. Everything is your fault... always. They admit to nothing...ever.
9) Yes dial-up is stressful. To me, fighting over issues like these is worse. Maybe I will
just use my hotspot and call it good. At least hotspot (my cellphone back up) is
already paid for in my cell bill and is faster than dial up.

If you are reading this and contemplating going to hughesnet, keep this in mind. I did some research and found hughesnet to be a better company than sky blue which is now exceed. I am talking about customer satisfaction. This leaves me with dial up or cell tether. No one living in the country wants this kind of distraction or stress. They are not crooked, they are incompetent and hide behind service reps from India who don't know what they are talking about. They are all nice and polite, it is just an apparently flawed system with frequent issues that they can't resolve. So they lie and play a shell game.

Like thousands of others, I recommend none of them. I have now gone full circle back to dial up or tether in five weeks. Slow is better than slightly faster, expensive and constantly stressful. Mike

56chevybelair says: (5 years ago)
Well I thought, I had service,instead I got a nightmare, this con company, thu lies, an deceit, false advertising, is telling me iam max out on bites, an want to sell tokens ,to increase speed,this guy is a con an needs to be in prison,$63.00 a month.hell he needs to give me tokens, but i got con,all the way!an $400.00 if you decide to break contract,send him to prison an let bubba show him what a screw over is,any help out there on this con job!!

sickofhughesnet says: (6 years ago)
This service is not what it advertises at all. I'm paying $10 more a month, when we only signed up to get cheaper rates, some cheaper rate. I consistently get a "Problem loading page" error and I don't want to spend hours on the phone trying to locate the problem when I know they will say it's mine because of a router that they said was bad so we went and got a new one and STILL we are having the same problem. This is no way to run a company, you'd think with all of the bad reviews they would want to turn this around instead of ignoring it. I'm going to try and go back to my old satellite service that we never had problems with!!!

SatMan632 says: (6 years ago)

katiestupid says: (6 years ago)
I thought wildblue internet service was bad. well hughes net is really bad it sucks so bad I can't play any of my games. it has so messed up my desk top computer I had to send it in for repair. and being i guess not being very bright i signed up for 2 years. I will be looking for a lawyer and contacting my credit card company not to take the payment out. after I got hughes net they told me I could watch movies or play games between midnight and 5:00a.m. o boy I will be sure to stay up all night o play pogo or face book games. I think not!

17didoja says: (6 years ago)
I'm in fact thirteen years old and I obviously have scholarly
Commitments to keep but Hughsnet will not allow it
I love living in rural country and if I had to decide
Between Hughsnet and my beautiful home well you Can guess
Which I'd be choosing. The worst part is its not like
I live in the middle of nowhere I live four miles from
The nearest town yet were still stuck with Hughsnet! Just
Awhile ago I found out that a person ONE MILE away
Has Road Runner that is significantly faster than my current
Internet! Why can't u just run some extra line out
To my house that has five houses on the road!!???
That's not even the worst part!!! I also found out the the
Prison which is about two miles always has high speed Internet
Running right through some wires around my house???? So as I
Try to study up and get good grades for tests and I'm incapable
Of doing that because it takes thirty minutes to load one page because
Hughsnet can't get the crap together my whole family suffers! That's
Not right. If I want to download an app I have to
Wait and go to a friend house and smuggle off their Internet becau
Se my apps always time out. And when I just want to watch
A short three minute video on YouTube I have wait an hour
For it to buffer. If a thirteen year old kid can recognize
When Internet sucks that's really sad.....get your crap together
Hughsnet befor we drop you and pay Road Runner a fortune
Of money that could of been yours to run a line out
An extra mile so we can actually get Internet that works.

Thanks for the waste of money.

ashk1013 says: (6 years ago)
Worst internet service I have ever had! Internet is incredibly slow and overpriced. I pay $70 a month for internet that is the speed of dial up and sometimes doesn't even work at all!! I called today to cancel my service and was told that we have to take down the equiptment ourselves and they will send us a UPS box to ship it back to them in. SERIOUSLY!! Hughesnet has a long long way to go with their product and customer service.

JK722 says: (6 years ago)
This company is a bunch of incompetent idiots! After three years of trying to get consistent throughput, we are going with Starband. We are paying for 1.5 Mbs and normally get 200-300 kbps. Endless calls to Tech Support result in only more throughput tests. I even had a Stateside tech tell me signal strength had no impact on throughput. The final straw was after assurances Level 4 support would call within 24 hrs, they called after 5 days asking for more throughput tests. We are through with HughesNet!

sucker1 says: (6 years ago)
Buyer beware, your obligated for 2years of bad service,equidment breakdowns,no one speaks English I understand,and a monthly dipping into your bank or credit card account, believe me LOOK Elsewhere for your internet service

scurvy says: (6 years ago)
Hughes net sucks. They told me it was faster than broadband, it was not AT ALL, and I have had dialup that was as fast. I called to cancel service they told me not to do anything till they had corporate call me well they never called then I got a letter from credit collector for $1400.00!! It has been a nightmare they all lie every single one! I would not recomend them to anyone and I hate that there name is Hughes cause that is my last name.

Crazymom says: (7 years ago)
HughesNet is the worse internet connection ever I have it for a week and it was so slow that I couldn't play any games in facebook I pass all week calling and the costumer service is the worse In a week I decide to go back to Verizon and they give me a better deal. When I cancel they told me they will send somebody to pick up the equipment I put everything in the box and wait. After 3 months pass and I forgot about my bad experience with them I went to check my balance in my Debit card because I have to pay my rent the day I just got paid and they took all the money I have my rent I call them and they told me that I didn't return the equipment I explain that the person told me they will send somebody for it. I said ok the next day I took everything and send it. I wait they receive the package and call them again now they are telling me that I have to wait 2 to 3 weeks for I can receive my money back in the mean time I already have a court date for my rent they took the money and now they dont want to returned. If u thinking try Hugues net please dont they will ripe u off. The supervisor didn't have the balls to talk to me. Be careful with HUGHESNET they are a RIPE OFF!!!!!

Hatehughesnet says: (7 years ago)
Dear HughesNet: You suck. After ATT finally ran wires allowing "real" highspeed internet in our area, I was able to cancel your subpar, overpriced service. Of course, I was breaking my contract, but I promptly returned your equipment, which you verified was received on 5/26. It is now 7/20, and you have YET to return the $200 dollars you owe me since I returned my equipment on time. I want my money, you thieves. I call and am told to call back at a certain time. You are noting my account. Great. While you're at it, it would be great if when I do call back I actually get to speak with someone who I can understand and can understand me. That would be peachy. Btw, I'm sending this complaint via my iPhone, which beats your service for speed and download allowance any day. I recommend that if someone wants highspeed Internet and has decent cell phone reception, get an iPhone and slave it into your laptop or pc, even with a high data package you would pay less than Hughes Net considering you would also have a phone. They can show you how to use your phones Internet access through your computer if you're unaware how to, also, I have bad cell reception here in the country, buy walked into the store and told them such and that if they gave me a free micro cell (like your own personal cell phone tower--added bonus, calls I make in my house with the micro cell don't count against my minutes) anyway I got a $200 micro cell for free cause I bought and iPhone that day. So there's ways to get your high speed without resorting to Hughes Net, which is an awful company. I want my money!

janina says: (8 years ago)
I wish I had read these reviews before I signed on. I had terrible service, many hours of the day when I could not sign on and now because I can not connect where I have moved to they are charging me a 400.00 cancellation fee. Like everyone else says here...Stay away from HughesNet!

TRUCKLIN says: (8 years ago)
I signed on with hughes net for the 30 day trial with the understanding that if I didn't like it...all I was out was the $99 activation fee. I canceled within one week because it was sooo slow. I was then told I would have to pay for the initial month of service on top of losing the activation fee. So far I am out almost $300 for just trying it out. I have yet to get instructions on returning the equipment which is an additional $300 if not returned in 30 days.

JustinJ says: (8 years ago)
Worst service ever.....Our connection sucks, we call the people to come out and they end up taking forever to come up with a date to come out. Nothing they do helps.It is just horrible :-(

netcracker says: (8 years ago)
hey, sclgeographer, I get the feeling that sometimes they just knock us down with time charges because they're having problems.

Last night they say I downloaded something that was nearly 300 MEGs! It was at 7 PM when I was watching TV. I wondered if some humongous Windows update happened at that hour, or McAfee, nope, nothing. And there's no way of finding out if they're accurate with this information, because clearly they aren't in this case.

sclgeographer says: (8 years ago)
i subscribe to i live in the country and there is no other access....except for other providers like i upgraded recently hoping that i would be better service. it is pitiful. a lot of the time i have 5.5 - 11. i am NOT happy about this. i pay these folks $79 a month for lousy service.

whippedbyHN says: (8 years ago)
I'm sitting here right now stuck with slower than dialup speed because Windows had a service pack update along with an update for Microsoft office and all of it added up to 310MB and that booted me over the "Fair Access Policy" line and I'll be in this punishment phase for 24 hour.

All I can say is listen carefully the ads and notice they do not make promises like cable of being able to download movies and TV shows on line. Not a prayer or that. It charges a much higher fee than DSL and cable for a lot less bandwidth. Stick with dialup. It's almost as fast as Hughesnet, a lot cheaper and it won't punish you for downloading.

Feedup says: (8 years ago)
We have been Hughes Net customers for over 2 years, and I have to agree with 99.9% of the other post that Hughes was/is a very pathetic corporation, and has little to no customer care abilities. Today I called them regarding a web mail issue that is obviously an issue at their end, and even the so called supervisor tried to change settings on my end to resolve an issue. Over the past 2+ years, Hughes has been changing and modifying their “product”, and that seems to be where the issues arise. I have noticed that their spam filter often ignores the “safe sender” tag, and labels the email as spam anyway, requiring you to go to their servers to manually check and “clean” out the spam folder of good emails. Well, today I attempted to clean out the spam folder so I could retrieve the good emails, and their new “home page” apparently has a broken link as after clicking on the link, all I got was the “Done but with errors on page” notice in the bottom left corner of IE. When I called, their “tech” wanted to change my cookie settings from “prompt” to “Allow” which effects security of the machine by allowing any cookie (malicious or not) to be put on your machine… I refused to change that setting as Hughes was already tagged as “Allow” so that was not the issue. After dealing with the “tech” who only wanted to modify my machine, I asked for a supervisor… The supervisor took the medaling of my machine even farther… He wanted me to reboot in “Safe mode” in order to make changes. Now I am no Bill Gates, but even I know a broken link is not going to be fixed by changing anything on my machine. This is the second time (minimum) that Hughes has (In my opinion) played a shell game to hide their errors. If I had it all to do over again, I would avoid Hughes like the plague. FYI, I have also had usage issues with Hughes … Interesting since it started happening when we hardly used the net, so we set a trap… We shut down all but one machine, and we put it to sleep… Busted… It claimed we have exceeded the 200 megs a day limit so I opened the files folder and did a search on “updated files” by date … The computer showed NO updates within the time we supposedly surpassed the limits. We are in a very rural area and no one is close enough to us to access the wireless router. (plus it is password protected, and locked to only “see” our machines. I have over 2 years of examples folks, so the long story short.. Stay away from Hughes… In my opinion they should be the target of a class action law suit.

asian says: (8 years ago)
i do understand that you guys are having problems regarding the service and their tech supports, i admit that i work for hughesnet as a representative from the billing dept/customer service, but comparing satellite ISP to DSL/cable it is actually way too far because of the propagation delay/latency of the satellite system, it is better to know the difference between the systems first before we judge and complain. .

wacohughesnet says: (9 years ago)
Throughput is considerably less than the technical speed. I am paying for about 1700 down and 200 or so up. When you do a speed test, it just sits there for several seconds. Then, it performs at the specified rate, but, again, that's not at all what you experience. The Fair Access Policy is a surprise to most, but once you know about it, it would be livable IF there was some sort of meter to tell you how close you're coming to the ceiling. It obviously knows. Why it doesn't inform you has to be chalked up to their desire to drop you to dial-up speeds so they leverage their end. I too am rural and stuck. If *any* other broadband was available, they would have to be as horrible for me not to switch.

maryooff says: (9 years ago)

julies029 says: (9 years ago)
What a joke! I too, as 1000's of others was scammed by HughesNet. No mention of fair access policy. My son likes to watch videos on youtube and after about 1 hour of that you have used up your "quota" of high speed. Now I am paying $70 a month for dial up speed. If this complaint saves 1 person the agony it was worth it. I too am faced with early termination fees. Might as well deal with it, get through the rest of the "contract" which I have never seen and mark it up as a lesson learned.

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