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Hughesnet Reviews

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  • Cancellation Fee

    I called at 8:45 am PST on June 9th to discontinue my service. The reason for disconnection was due to the poor reception with the internet, unable to connect to a web page for several mins, or partial loading or no loading of page. This continued to be the problem from day one. In the first month of use I thought if might be my router and so spent $150 for a router that was recommended on site by Hughesnet. Still unable to connect without iaaue. Before buying the router I spoke with an individual when paying first bill and they suggested getting a new router. When calling again after... More...
  • contact

    Went over trail period by five day's charge $400 dollars for contact early termination your service didn't work way slow service people that installed moved the dish so extra holes in my roof left cables hanging I feel the install was poorly done not a professional job witch makes your contact void on your end would like to see my money back More...
  • failed service

    Any chance I can get help to get out of the Hughesnet contract at a vastly reduced cost? The service doesn't work, and they can't fix it. Speeds are slow, sure, but what I am referring to is failure to connect. I can't reach most websites...the request times out. This is any day, any night and not dependent on the weather. The "speed tests" also show 10% of advertised speeds, but the tests themselves take 15 minutes to complete. if they do complete at all, the tests show speeds of 600k to 1.2MB. I've been on phone w/ tech support many times...... More...
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  • Canceled Service

    Moved to an apartment and the installer from HUGHESNET said it was physically impossible to transfer my service because of the north facing apartment. He told me to get a letter from the apartment manager, stating this, which I did. This is a valid reason to let me out of my remaining contract. To have people pay when their OWN HUGHES INSTALLERS won't even try to place the dish, is YOUR problem, not mine! I'm refuse to pay the remaining contract. More...
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  • slow service

    I cannot even get my e-mails on it states my web server is down. During the day any web site I try to visit does not recognize me, and I only got on here at home because it is after 10 pm cst. At first I thought it was bad weather somewhere, but this has lasted for several weeks. I have turned off my modems, adn computers, trying to re-set stuff, but to no avail. More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)
  • Failed cancellation

    After the botched installation and repeated calls to your company I requested cancellation of your services. I was informed that our account would be cancelled immediately but that we could not send the equipment back until the end of our trial period. When I received my credit card statement yesterday I found 2 charges in the amount of $61.33 and $404.80. The charge of $404.80 was AFTER my call to cancel. I called your company last night and spent one hour, mostly on hold and was finally informed that my account was being closed effective 12/27/12 and that a return label/box would be... More...
  • Being overcharged

    Not once did anyone tell me about the radio transmitter. When I moved out of the house over a month ago, I cancelled my service because it was poor, and my new residence already had internet. I called them and asked about what I needed to return, the guy said just your hardware. OK, so i looked around at what i had and grabbed the modem and cords when I moved out. I didnt think to look 30 feet up on the roof! When i finally got my box to ship the hardware to them (which they sent to the wrong address), there was a letter inside telling me I was going to be charged $200 dollars for a... More...
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  • Technician Services

    The technician came, but the problem has not been resolved. He was supposed to cal me back for a return appointment and also an appointment for the "cable guys", but I have not heard back from him nor have I received an email from Hughes Net concerning this issue. I'm tired of not getting to speak with a "PERSON" or if I do I can't understand them or they can't understand me!!!! What has happened to your service? More...
  • Log Me In

    I have been having probelms with log-me-in access on my husges net service for almost a year now? I can access log me in from everywhere else, but from home where i need it the most!!!!! I go and sign in and get a message that it cannot be displayed when I try to veiw my computer screen at the office. I HAVE BEEN TOLD TOO MANY TIMES THAT THIS IS LOG ME IN PROBLEM BULL!!!! I DONT HAVE THIS PROBLEM ANYWHERE ELSE.This is the last change I am giving huges net to fix the problem!! Karan Walton More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
  • Hughs Net dis-service

    I would like the internet speed to truly significantly exceed that of dial up. It does not exceed it at this time. I wish to retain the right to recieve a hard copy of my bill for no additional charge. The download capacity is exceeded by even a cell phone. This company charges outrageous prices for this frustration and inconvenience of low capacity download information and genrally poor service. There is major improvements that can be made for the customer service that is provided. They do not speak clear english so as to be UNDERSTOOD, and this in itsself is rude. The attitude of the... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
  • horrible service

    hughesnet claims speeds of 100kbs, yet i have NEVER seen speeds above 25kbs (thats much worse than dial up) im also being charged $60 a month for the worst internet service i have EVER seen or heard of. there are millions of bad reviews for this company yet they do nothing to improve service (VERY greedy). also their customer service has been outsourced to India and when you call, you get someone who barely speaks english and you can't understand. i am TIRED of this horrible service and they continue to be greedy liers because they know they have a monopoly on the market. these people... More...
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