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We have been Hughes Net customers for over 2 years, and I have to agree with 99.9% of the other post that Hughes was/is a very pathetic corporation, and has little to no customer care abilities. Today I called them regarding a web mail issue that is obviously an issue at their end, and even the so called supervisor tried to change settings on my end to resolve an issue. Over the past 2+ years, Hughes has been changing and modifying their “product”, and that seems to be where the issues arise. I have noticed that their spam filter often ignores the “safe sender” tag, and labels the email as spam anyway, requiring you to go to their servers to manually check and “clean” out the spam folder of good emails. Well, today I attempted to clean out the spam folder so I could retrieve the good emails, and their new “home page” apparently has a broken link as after clicking on the link, all I got was the “Done but with errors on page” notice in the bottom left corner of IE. When I called, their “tech” wanted to change my cookie settings from “prompt” to “Allow” which effects security of the machine by allowing any cookie (malicious or not) to be put on your machine… I refused to change that setting as Hughes was already tagged as “Allow” so that was not the issue. After dealing with the “tech” who only wanted to modify my machine, I asked for a supervisor… The supervisor took the medaling of my machine even farther… He wanted me to reboot in “Safe mode” in order to make changes. Now I am no Bill Gates, but even I know a broken link is not going to be fixed by changing anything on my machine. This is the second time (minimum) that Hughes has (In my opinion) played a shell game to hide their errors. If I had it all to do over again, I would avoid Hughes like the plague. FYI, I have also had usage issues with Hughes … Interesting since it started happening when we hardly used the net, so we set a trap… We shut down all but one machine, and we put it to sleep… Busted… It claimed we have exceeded the 200 megs a day limit so I opened the files folder and did a search on “updated files” by date … The computer showed NO updates within the time we supposedly surpassed the limits. We are in a very rural area and no one is close enough to us to access the wireless router. (plus it is password protected, and locked to only “see” our machines. I have over 2 years of examples folks, so the long story short.. Stay away from Hughes… In my opinion they should be the target of a class action law suit.

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