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Dear HughesNet : You suck. After ATT finally ran wires allowing "real" highspeed internet in our area, I was able to cancel your subpar, overpriced service. Of course, I was breaking my contract, but I promptly returned your equipment, which you verified was received on 5/26. It is now 7/20, and you have YET to return the $200 dollars you owe me since I returned my equipment on time. I want my money, you thieves. I call and am told to call back at a certain time. You are noting my account. Great. While you're at it, it would be great if when I do call back I actually get to speak with someone who I can understand and can understand me. That would be peachy. Btw, I'm sending this complaint via my iPhone, which beats your service for speed and download allowance any day. I recommend that if someone wants highspeed Internet and has decent cell phone reception, get an iPhone and slave it into your laptop or pc, even with a high data package you would pay less than Hughes Net considering you would also have a phone. They can show you how to use your phones Internet access through your computer if you're unaware how to, also, I have bad cell reception here in the country, buy walked into the store and told them such and that if they gave me a free micro cell (like your own personal cell phone tower--added bonus, calls I make in my house with the micro cell don't count against my minutes) anyway I got a $200 micro cell for free cause I bought and iPhone that day. So there's ways to get your high speed without resorting to Hughes Net, which is an awful company. I want my money!

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