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I'm in fact thirteen years old and I obviously have scholarly

Commitments to keep but Hughsnet will not allow it
I love living in rural country and if I had to decide
Between Hughsnet and my beautiful home well you Can guess
Which I'd be choosing. The worst part is its not like
I live in the middle of nowhere I live four miles from

The nearest town yet were still stuck with Hughsnet! Just
Awhile ago I found out that a person ONE MILE away

Has Road Runner that is significantly faster than my current
Internet! Why can't u just run some extra line out
To my house that has five houses on the road!!???

That's not even the worst part!!! I also found out the the

Prison which is about two miles always has high speed Internet
Running right through some wires around my house???? So as I

Try to study up and get good grades for tests and I'm incapable
Of doing that because it takes thirty minutes to load one page because

Hughsnet can't get the crap together my whole family suffers! That's

Not right. If I want to download an app I have to
Wait and go to a friend house and smuggle off their Internet becau
Se my apps always time out. And when I just want to watch

A short three minute video on YouTube I have wait an hour

For it to buffer. If a thirteen year old kid can recognize
When Internet sucks that's really sad.....get your crap together

Hughsnet befor we drop you and pay Road Runner a fortune
Of money that could of been yours to run a line out
An extra mile so we can actually get Internet that works. Thanks for the waste of money.

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