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I operate several websites from my home computer. I have been a HughesNet customer for about 5 years. In very rural Missouri, it is Hughes or dial-up or Exceed which was Sky Blue or something like that. The only problem with dial-up was speed and despite what some here say, hughes is faster than dial-up. My issues with them are these:

1) Hughes email regularly stops working for hours at a time.
2) Speeds that you start with are acceptable but gradually slow until you are paying $70 for dial up speeds or close to it.
3) Customer service is always overseas but the degree of fluency in English varies so much that often you really can't understand what they are saying.
4) Ever wonder why so many hughes complaints center around or mention the poor English speaking service reps? It is because you need service regularly for one reason or another. It is not a smooth running ship.
5) After five years, I am going back to dial up. Why? My contract expires in 5 weeks, so I have a window to quit them without paying them some exhorbonent penalty. If you have never been a hughesnet customer you will find this odd given the painfully slow dial up speeds. Believe me when I tell you there are other things that are worse. For instance paying $70 for them constantly telling me that I am using up all my daily allowance, shutting me down as a penalty for 24 hours. Reps always lying to me.
6) Anything that ever goes wrong is you or your computer and if you use a MAC like me, first they take your money and get you into a contract, then every time there is an issue, they blame Apple.
7) Recently they have some new glitch that claims I use up 250mb every hour or two. I have only used basic computing and download nothing. I am afraid to download even my computer updates because it gives them something to claim caused the "you have exceeded your daily bandwidth allowance" message.
8) After 5 years, I know that 20 to 40 min of video will use up the daily allowance of 250mb. I watch no video and do no downloading now. No updates, nothing and still within 1 to 4 hours of my computer being on, they claim "allowance exceeded". You can't argue with them because you are talking to people who are trained in what to say not how to solve. Everything is your fault... always. They admit to nothing...ever.
9) Yes dial-up is stressful. To me, fighting over issues like these is worse. Maybe I will just use my hotspot and call it good. At least hotspot (my cellphone back up) is already paid for in my cell bill and is faster than dial up.

If you are reading this and contemplating going to hughesnet, keep this in mind. I did some research and found hughesnet to be a better company than sky blue which is now exceed. I am talking about customer satisfaction. This leaves me with dial up or cell tether. No one living in the country wants this kind of distraction or stress. They are not crooked, they are incompetent and hide behind service reps from India who don't know what they are talking about. They are all nice and polite, it is just an apparently flawed system with frequent issues that they can't resolve. So they lie and play a shell game.

Like thousands of others, I recommend none of them. I have now gone full circle back to dial up or tether in five weeks. Slow is better than slightly faster, expensive and constantly stressful. Mike

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